Jack Miller Center’s 22nd Summer Institute

Summer Institute 2017

JMC conducted its 22nd Summer Institute in Philadelphia in July, bringing together promising young scholars from across the country for an intensive ten-day conference. The focus this year was on “American Constitutionalism.” ​

These programs, which include educational and professional workshops, lectures and group discussions, are the the primary entry point for young scholars and educators into our faculty community.​

Senior JMC faculty partners from many of our nation’s leading colleges and universities led sessions on topics including our Constitution’s originality, the role a citizen plays as a consumer or entrepreneur in a republic like ours, and James Madison’s republicanism. Afternoon sessions consisted of a variety of career-building workshops. Peter Berkowitz, the Tad and Dianne Taube Senior Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, gave an evening talk on themes surrounding the very present day topic of freedom of speech.

Nearly 600 participants and teaching faculty have participated in this JMC flagship program.