Summer Civics Programs for High School Teachers

Harvey L. Miller Founding Civics Initiative

In partnership with JMC, the University of Chicago Graham School and the Newberry Library conducted three coordinated one-week sessions for high school teachers to learn from JMC partner professors and work together to develop engaging civics classes and curricula. This year’s summer seminars focused on the influences, founding and development of the American form of government.

​These accredited programs brought leading professors together with high school teachers to reexamine foundational texts and ideas of the American political tradition and to draw connections to contemporary issues that students will face as citizens.

Summer Seminars for Teachers

Week One | July 10-14
What the Founders Read: The Philosophical Influences on the Founding
Week Two | July 17-21
The Principles of the American Founding
Week Three | July 24-28
​The Unwritten Constitution: The Evolution of the Congress and Presidency​

​Teachers examined the works of thinkers including John Locke, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Alexis de Tocqueville, along with the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and selections from the Federalist Papers.

Sessions included in-depth discussions led by our faculty partners from Roosevelt University, University of Wisconsin, and University of Notre Dame, among others. Curriculum development opportunities and tours of the Newberry and Chicago History Museum rounded out the weeks.

This initiative is made possible by a generous grant from the Harvey L. Miller Family Foundation and additional support from Northern Trust Charitable Trust, the Jack Miller Family Foundation, The Crown Family, and other donors. A major new element of JMC, the Harvey L. Miller Founding Civics Initiative expands our impact to the high school level. With additional support from other donors, we hope to do the same in more cities and states across the country.

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