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A donation of $100 could provide 50 college students with a pocket-sized copy of the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence
A donation of $500 could provide 25 teachers with reading materials for a week-long seminar on America’s founding principles for the high school classroom
A donation of $2500 could sponsor a promising new scholar to attend a JMC Summer Institute to support their teaching and career development
A donation of $5000 could cover the costs for a scholar to introduce a new course in American political thought on a college campus
The battle for the soul of our nation will be won or lost in our classrooms.
Right now, a future president is sitting in a classroom. Today’s students are tomorrow’s judges, teachers, business and political leaders. What should they be learning?

The future of our nation depends on having knowledgeable and committed citizens. The Jack Miller Center works to revitalize education in America’s history and its founding principles. Our goal is that every student learns the ideas that informed the founding of our nation so that they may preserve our freedoms for future generations.
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Jack Miller Center

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Planned Giving

If you would like to give a gift through life insurance, retirement fund, stocks, or other methods, please contact us. You can call our manager of donor relations, Matt Riffe, at 484-436-2067 or via email at mriffe@gojmc.org.

Our Commitment To Donors

We Pledge to be Effective Stewards

JMC donors are not simply resources for our programs; they are direct participants in our mission.


We pledge to be effective stewards of your money, multiplying your gift, to shepherd the programs your investment makes possible, and report to you based on careful evaluation to ensure the desired outcomes are being achieved.


We work with Huron Associates, a leading higher education market research firm, to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs.


If you have any questions about our programs and stewardship, please contact our chief philanthropy officer, Mike Carroll, at 513-305-4634 or via email at mcarroll@gojmc.org.


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America’s freedoms depend on what students learn, especially during their years in university. The JMC’s goal is transformational change in student access to education in American government, history, and political economy that will prepare them to understand and sustain the vision of a free people expressed in the Declaration of Independence and supported by our constitutional order.
Mike Ratliffformer JMC President