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Learn about our mission and strategy to reinvigorate civic education

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The American Experiment Video Series

A JMC series with John Agresto featuring episodes with James Stoner (LSU), Robert P. George (Princeton), Linda Chavez, and more

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Constitution Day 2021

Learn more about Constitution Day and view upcoming virtual events open to the public

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JMC's 2020 Annual Report

Now available - read about this year's important work

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A JMC Webinar: "Lincoln, the Founders, and an America Worth Preserving"

A virtual conversation with Lucas E. Morel

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The Constitutionalist

A new blog giving historical and philosophical insight into present-day constitutional issues

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Interesting Books by JMC Fellows and other Scholars

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Signing of the Constitution

Should We Be Celebrating the Founders?

Independence Day & the Sins and Virtues of Our Fathers

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Constitution Day First Amendment Library

Explore the History, Law, and Theory Behind Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion


American Political Thought

Quarterly Journal Published by the University of Chicago Press

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Founding Civics

High School Teacher Programs Expand to New Regions

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The Declaration of Independence Video Series

Liberty, Equality, and a House Divided

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About JMC

The Jack Miller Center is a 501(c)(3) public charity that works with professors and educators to ensure every student has the opportunity to learn the history and principles at the heart of American political life.

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“Thank you so much for all your support! It is so important that rigorous, fair-minded courses about America’s past hold their place in Brown’s history curriculum. You at the JMC are enabling us to make that happen. History will thank you.”

“It would be hard to exaggerate the leavening effect that our postdocs have on our program. Their impact on undergraduates in class has been profound. I can’t tell you how many of our students have told me how delighted they were to have the opportunity to take a course that is both intellectually rigorous and focused on questions of American Values.”

“It is my strongest belief that every high school and college student deserves the opportunity to study American history. Jack Miller Center is an organization that is making this possible.”

“You are making a real impact on the prospects of tenure-track positions for young scholars dedicated to serious teaching and scholarship on America’s founding principles, history, and the Western tradition. Indeed, I think it is no exaggeration to say that you are re-shaping the field.”

“The summer institute I attended in Chicago in 2010 was the most stimulating, serious, solid but also enjoyable gathering of scholars in which I have participated. It’s remarkable that there is an organization that devotes so much attention, money, space, etc. to encouraging thoughtfulness, discussion, seriousness, prudence, decency, the broadening of our minds.”

“The kindness, generosity, and esprit de corp demonstrated by all of those associated with the Miller project has provided a wonderfully supportive community, not only intellectually, but also personally. It’s a wonderful thing the JMC and its supporters have built and are building, and I very much look forward to being involved with the JMC and its aspirations for years to come.”

“The JMC community of professors has been invaluable to a young scholar such as me. I met many senior scholars whose wisdom and guidance have helped me in producing my own scholarship and navigating the academic landscape. I recently completed an edited volume to be published by Oxford University Press on presidential prerogative which includes several young JMC scholars. I could not have formed the relationships which made that volume possible without the JMC community.”

“It is wonderful to see how things are really taking off across the country as a result of the Jack Miller Center’s efforts. It’s interesting to see how the conversation has changed…we are less focused on what is wrong at our schools and more focused on what we can do.”

“I am grateful for the Jack Miller Center’s generosity in supporting curriculum development ….. We are pleased to partner with you and your colleagues in advancing the study of our nation’s history and founding principles.”

Professor John Tomasi,Brown University