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American Political Tradition Project

Partnering with college faculty and administrators to expand access to education in the history and political principles of our nation

Higher Education

The Jack Miller Center conducts a series of national programs to support the efforts of our faculty partners and bring a wide spectrum of valuable resources to their work.

Our national programs reach beyond campus borders, offering opportunities for professors from around the country to meet and collaborate, and providing resources for curriculum and program enhancement, channels for publication and support to advance their careers.

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The Jack Miller Center supports the development of programs on college campuses dedicated to teaching American political thought and history. These centers provide a hub for new course offerings, student and faculty events, student fellowships and activities, community outreach efforts and more.

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In 2008, JMC set out to build a core of enthusiastic and dedicated professors who share our goal of advancing education in our country’s founding principles and history. The JMC Postdoctoral Fellowship program is among the most effective strategies for achieving this objective.

Working with established professors at top universities, JMC postdoctoral fellows teach classes on the great ideas of the Founding and prepare scholarly works essential to their success in an increasingly competitive academic job market.

Fellows gain valuable teaching experience and are mentored by leading scholars in their fields. Their mentors’ advice prepares them for the rigors of the interview and publication processes. Fellows leave their appointments ready to begin long-term academic careers.

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