Our Work

The Jack Miller Center is a Philadelphia-based educational nonprofit committed to solving the national crisis of uninformed citizenship by teaching America’s founding principles and history.

Transforming civic education

We are building a movement of civic educators to reach the next generation with the principles of equality, liberty, and opportunity that lie at the heart of the American political tradition. Discover how our programs are making a difference, from colleges to K-12 classrooms to kitchen tables.


The American Political Tradition Project

Building the talent pipeline of college educators to advance American political thought and history at universities, community colleges, law schools, and more.

American Political Tradition Project

Founding Civics Initiative

Transforming education for K-12 civics, history, and social studies teachers by focusing on the deep study of primary texts and innovative application for K-12 classrooms.

Founding Civics Initiative

The National Summit on Civic Education

Growing a nationwide coalition of civic education leaders and funders to advance solutions that will prepare students for the responsibilities of citizenship.

National Summit on Civic Education 

A more informed public

Strengthening knowledge and support for American civics through articles, webinars, and excellent learning tools that allow anyone to explore our history and central texts.

News & Resources

Our strategic plans for the future

The loss of civic awareness and purpose is the top challenge America faces as we prepare for the 250th birthday of the nation in 2026. That’s why we’ve launched the Teach for Freedom Campaign, a $40M campaign to transform civic education nationwide by 2026.

Teach for Freedom

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