Hudson Institute: Fall 2023 Policy Certificate Course – “On War: Thucydides and Current Strategic Dilemmas”

Hudson Institute Political Studies: Fall 2023 Policy Certificate Course – “On War: Thucydides and Current Strategic Dilemmas”


Hudson Institute Political Studies invites applications from talented early and mid-career professionals for its upcoming week-long Policy Certificate course, “On War: Thucydides and Current Strategic Dilemmas.”

Thucydides is thought to be the first and greatest teacher of power, of the facts that might makes right, and that wars begin as a consequence of fear. Thinkers from Thomas Hobbes to proponents of modern “realist” schools of international relations invoke his name. But what are his teachings, exactly? And what can he tell us about modern warfare? In this workshop, candidates will study Thucydides’ great history of the Peloponnesian War with a series of foundational questions in mind: What is the nature of power, and of war? How do wars start? What role do domestic politics and “ideology” play in foreign policy? In our discussions and final simulation, we will explore whether his actual teachings are applicable to current grand strategic dilemmas—and if so, how.

The Policy Certificate Program gathers talented early and mid-career professionals for advanced study of American foreign and domestic policy, and national security led by policy experts and experienced government officials. Each of Hudson’s policy certification workshops covers a distinct region or topic ranging from military strategy and technology to energy security and criminal justice reform.

The course runs from November 3-16, 2023.


The Policy Certificate Program is seeking an accomplished cohort of early career professionals who demonstrate capability and interest in American foreign and domestic policy issues. The selection committee will consider a candidate’s subject matter expertise, creative thinking, writing ability, and professional background.

Applicants should meet the following criteria:

• Undergraduate degree holder
• Professional experience
• Demonstrated policy expertise in one or more relevant areas
• Highly competent writer and researcher

The priority admission deadline is October 20, 2023.

Final applications are due by November 6, 2023.

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Hudson Institute is a public policy research organization (or think tank) whose experts seek to promote American leadership, in concert with allies, for the advancement of our security, prosperity, and freedom. Hudson’s analysts work to lead debates about defense and diplomatic strategy, free speech and religious liberty, technological innovation, trade and energy policy, economic growth, and a range of other critical issues.

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