Hudson Institute: 2024 Summer Fellowship

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Hudson Institute Political Studies: 2024 Summer Fellowship


Hudson Institute Political Studies offers a summer fellowship in political theory and practice to college students and recent graduates. All students participate free of charge, are given complimentary housing in Washington, D.C., and receive a stipend of $3,000.

The 2024 Summer Fellowship will run from June 16th to July 26th.

The program includes four components:

Rigorous seminars led by master teachers on topics in political theory and public policy. Each of the six, week-long seminars students will take during the program engage them in serious discussion of foundational political texts.

– A series of policy workshops led by policy analysts and experienced government officials. In these weekly workshops, students actively engage in the policy-making process.

– A distinguished speaker series where national leaders from government, business, journalism, the military, and the academy provide unmatched insight into the true nature of public service and the country’s most pressing issues.

– A series of outings and events, where students travel to places of national and historical interest in order to view politics through other lenses: including art, history, and military decision-making.

Please note that Hudson Institute Political Studies Summer Fellowship is a full-time opportunity participants cannot maintain other internships or forms of work for the duration of the fellowship.

Application Instructions:

To apply, fill out basic contact information and provide the following materials:

  1. A resume or CV;
  2. a personal statement (1,000 or fewer, in answer to one of the following questions);
    1. What book has influenced you most and why?
    2. What do you hope to gain from the serious study of politics?
  3. a writing sample (15 pages or fewer);
    1. Your writing sample should be an example of your best work, whether that be an essay, article you have written, or something else. It must be written solely by you, and should be on a subject related in some way to the material studied in our fellowship (that is, generally on a subject of political science, philosophy, literature, history, classics, policy, foreign affairs, or government).
  4. a letter of recommendation;
  5. and a professional style headshot of yourself.

Upon submission of your application, your professor (or other qualifying individual) will receive an automated letter of recommendation request from Hudson Institute Political Studies.

It is your responsibility to seek out a letter of recommendation well before your recommender receives this automated request, and to notify them that they will receive the request when you submit your application. Please give your recommender adequate time to compose and submit a letter. Letters can be turned in by your recommender. They should be e-mailed to

If you have any questions please contact Rachel Mackey (202-974-2424 or

The Early Decision deadline for recommendation letters to be submitted by the recommender is January 5, 2024.

The Regular Decision deadline for recommendation letters to be submitted by the recommender is March 1, 2024.

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From the program

Hudson Institute is a public policy research organization (or think tank) whose experts seek to promote American leadership, in concert with allies, for the advancement of our security, prosperity, and freedom. Hudson’s analysts work to lead debates about defense and diplomatic strategy, free speech and religious liberty, technological innovation, trade and energy policy, economic growth, and a range of other critical issues.

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