Watch: Why Smith and Hume’s Friendship Shaped Modernity

Dennis Rasmussen lecturing

David Hume & Adam Smith and the Friendship That Shaped Modern Thought


Last fall, Dennis Rasmussen gave a talk at Harvard’s Program on Constitutional Government, a JMC partner program. He explains how the friendship of two highly influential thinkers impacted the world of modern thought. Watch the lecture below.

>>See more at Harvard’s Program on Constitutional Government website.

Dennis Rasmussen is Associate Professor of Political Theory at Tufts University. He received his PhD from Duke University. His books include The Infidel and the Professor: David Hume, Adam Smith, and the Friendship That Shaped Modern Thought (Princeton University Press, 2017), The Pragmatic Enlightenment: Recovering the Liberalism of Hume, Smith, Montesquieu, and Voltaire (Cambridge University Press, 2014), and The Problems and Promise of Commercial Society: Adam Smith’s Response to Rousseau (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2008).

>>Learn more about Dennis Rasmussen here.


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