The Foundation for Constitutional Government Launches “Contemporary Thinkers” Website

The Foundation for Constitutional Government has created and released The Contemporary Thinkers website series, an online resource aimed at bringing the work of outstanding modern scholars of politics, philosophy, economics and government to students and the general public.

Contemporary Thinkers is a series of websites devoted to the ideas and influence of pioneering intellectuals of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It features men and women of exceptional insight whose writings on politics, society, and government profoundly influenced their contemporaries and continue to shape public debate today. The sites are for students and inquiring readers of every level and background—with biographies, introductory essays, bibliographies, texts, commentaries, and multimedia resources. They aim to show how the best contemporary thinkers have advanced knowledge and understanding, as well as practical politics and social welfare.

The Contemporary Thinkers websites explore the lives and works of individuals of wide-ranging backgrounds and perspectives. Many are from academic disciplines such as political science, philosophy, economics, and law, while others are journalists, critics, and novelists. Some would be called conservatives, others liberals. Some wrote in the early decades of the twentieth century, others are very much alive and at work today. Some are famous, others are known mainly to specialists. Contemporary Thinkers spans the last century—from John Maynard Keynes, and Friedrich Hayek in the 1930s and 1940s, through Leo Strauss, Hannah ArendtIrving Kristol, and Raymond Aron in the mid and late century, to James Q. Wilson, Tom Wolfe, and Harvey Mansfield in more recent years.


Contemporary Thinkers’s companion project, Great Thinkers, is devoted to the most consequential political thinkers from antiquity through the nineteenth century.