“The American Revolution: People and Power” – Academic Conference at Huntington

On May 15th through May 16th, The Huntington Library is hosting an academic conference on “The American Revolution: People and Power.”

This conference explores how common people struggled to make sense of the many changes gripping America during the difficult war years.  Leading scholars will compare the American Revolution to revolutions elsewhere, examining mobilization, politics, religion, the frontier, and insurgency–all with an eye to appreciating how common men and women made sense of a tumultuous period.

Speakers for this event include: Patrick Griffin (Notre Dame); Colin Jones (Queen Mary University of London); T.H. Breen (Northwestern); Rosemarie Zagarri (George Mason); Cornelia Dayton (University of Connecticut); Bruce Mann (Harvard); Mark Noll (Notre Dame); Colin Calloway (Dartmouth); Peter Mancall (USC); Brendan McConville (Boston University); Douglas Bradburn (The Fred W. Smith National Library, Mount Vernon); Catherine Brekus (Harvard); and Tom Cutterham (Oxford).

This conference will be held in the Huntington Library’s Rothenberg Hall.  For registration materials and a full schedule of events, please see here.


Funding for this conference was made possible by the Huntington’s William French Smith Endowment, the Jack Miller Center, and USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute.