Teach for Freedom:
A Campaign to Strengthen American Civic Education

In the Classroom Multi Ethnic Students Listening to a Lecturer and Writing in Notebooks. Smart Young People Study at the College.

A Campaign to Strengthen American Civic Education


Civic knowledge is declining rapidly.

The way to protect American ideals—equality, liberty, opportunity, self government, rule of law, equality before the law—is through education.

We need civic education that equips young citizens with an understanding of our freedoms— an education grounded in America’s founding principles and history.


How we’re solving the problem with the
Teach for Freedom Campaign

A $40 Million Campaign to Transform Civic Education

Renew the serious study of America’s founding principles and history in higher education ($17M)

Form the faculty talent pipeline for politics, history, and government. Expand programs for community colleges, law schools, and education schools and build the nation’s premier speakers bureau for the American political tradition.

Transform K-12 teacher education for civics and history teachers ($17M)

Reach 8,000 teachers across 18 states through 400 content-based teacher education programs focused on foundational documents and ideas. Launch the first consortium civics master’s degree for middle and high school teachers.

Build the premier online American tradition library and learning tool ($2.5M)

Create a vast library of primary-source texts that explore the story of America. Develop cutting-edge tools that reveal insights and connections between texts. Build an extensive database of lesson plans and classroom activities.

Lead a nationwide movement to strengthen American civic education ($3.5M)

Grow the leading coalition of civics organizations and thought leaders. Launch a comprehensive public relations campaign to elevate the narrative surrounding civic education in America.


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Our Mission

Advance education in America’s founding principles and history from K-12 through college.


How We Do It

Build and empower a nationwide community of educators who teach the American political tradition. The Jack Miller Center fosters strong undergraduate teaching, serious scholarship, in-depth professional development for K-12 teachers, centers for civic thought on college campuses, and innovative teaching resources.

By America’s 250th

Since 2004, the Jack Miller Center has built a robust network of more than 1,000 professors across the country and has reached 48 states, 332 colleges, 2,000+ K-12 teachers, and 1.6 million students.

Honoring America’s 250th anniversary in 2026, we aim to build a nationwide movement of educators, thought leaders, and philanthropists to reach the rising generation with the story of America.

The Jack Miller Center is a 501(c)(3) public foundation.