News from the Kinder Forum

A message from the Kinder Forum on Constitutional Democracy at the University of Missouri. Check JMC’s and the Forum’s website for updates.

As the fall semester draws to a close, we want to give you a brief update on the activities of the Kinder Forum on Constitutional Democracy. Although a new program that started just a few months ago, the Kinder Forum has already had a large and positive impact on intellectual life at Mizzou. 

  • For undergraduate students, we started a new minor and certificate in American Constitutional Democracy; sponsored two study abroad courses; developed an undergraduate Society of Fellows; and inaugurated a competitive summer program in Washington, DC that combines practical work experience with seminars on the historical development of American constitutional government.
  • For faculty, post-doctoral scholars, and graduate students, we began four nationally competitive teaching and research fellowships; administered a generous program of research grants and dissertation fellowships; and put together an active program of academic workshops for scholars on campus and in the region. 
  • For citizens of Columbia and the state of Missouri, we started a lecture series and organized a variety of smaller community seminars, including a continuing education program for local high school civics teachers.

One very positive and welcome aspect of the program is that it has already started to transform the culture of our campus, breaking down barriers between departments, between faculty and students, and between “town and gown.” We are excited about the future and look forward to making the Kinder Forum a national center of excellence for the study of American political thought and history. 

Thank you for you for your continued support, and best wishes for the holiday season.