JMC Fellow Greg Weiner Made Provost of Assumption

Greg Weiner

JMC is pleased to announce that fellow Greg Weiner will be the next provost at Assumption College beginning in fall 2019

Professor Weiner has been a JMC fellow since 2008, when he attended one of our first Summer Institutes in Boulder, Colorado. In 2011, he held a JMC postdoc at the Political Theory Project at Brown University, a partner program. He has since spoken at three JMC Constitution Day events around the country.

The following is from a statement released by Assumption College:

Assumption College has announced that Greg Weiner, Ph.D., associate professor of political science, has been named the next provost of the College, effective the next academic year. Prof. Weiner’s appointment follows the announcement that current Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Louise Carroll Keeley, Ph.D., will retire at the end of the current 2018-19 academic year.

Prof. Weiner is a nationally recognized scholar who is widely respected by his peers in the realm of American politics. He is the author of two books published by the University Press of Kansas with two more in production, and has penned numerous articles for scholarly journals. His columns are regularly featured on the editorial pages of prestigious newspapers including The New York Times and The Washington Post. This past year, Prof. Weiner was instrumental in the establishment of the Daniel Patrick Moynihan Center on Scholarship and Statesmanship, by securing significant grants and recruiting an advisory board ranging from a former U.S. Senator to a sitting federal appellate judge to nationally syndicated journalist George Will.

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Greg Weiner is Associate Professor of Political Science at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is the author of Madison’s Metronome: The Constitution, Majority Rule and the Tempo of American Politics and American Burke: The Uncommon Liberalism of Daniel Patrick Monynihan (University Press of Kansas). He received his B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and his Ph.D. from Georgetown University.

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