Harvey Mansfield on Free Speech and Higher Education

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Conversations with Bill Kristol: “Harvey Mansfield on Free Speech and Higher Education Today”


JMC board member Bill Kristol recently recorded a talk with JMC faculty partner Professor Harvey Mansfield for his series, Conversations with Bill Kristol. Professor Mansfield discussed free speech, its relation to higher education, and his disinvitation from giving a commencement address at Concordia University.

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Audio and video of the podcast are available on YouTube, Stitcher, and Apple Podcasts.

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Harvey Mansfield has appeared several times before on Conversations with Bill Kristol  to discuss a variety of topics including Tocqueville, the Federalist, and Leo Strauss.

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Harvey Mansfield is the William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of Government at Harvard University. He was Chairman of the Government Department from 1973–1977, has held Guggenheim and NEH Fellowships, and has been a Fellow at the National Humanities Center. He won the Joseph R. Levenson award for his teaching at Harvard, received the Sidney Hook Memorial award from the National Association of Scholars, and in 2004 accepted a National Humanities Medal from the President. In 2007, he delivered the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Jefferson Lecture. Mansfield examines both contemporary politics and their historical origins. His 14 books delve into the words of past thinkers such as Edmund Burke and Machiavelli, where he finds answers to puzzles such as why we believe today that political parties are respectable or desirable.

Professor Mansfield is a JMC faculty partner.

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Bill KristolBill Kristol is founder of The Weekly Standard, which he edited until it closed its doors in 2018. As a prominent political analyst and commentator, he is a frequent guest of televised news shows on such networks as ABC, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. His podcast and video series, Conversations with Bill Kristol, features a host of impressive guests (including Jim Ceaser, fellow JMC board member) and he has published widely in areas ranging from foreign policy to constitutional law and political philosophy. Early in his career, he served on the faculty at Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Kristol currently serves on the boards of the Manhattan Institute and the Foundation for Constitutional Government.

Mr. Kristol is a JMC board member.

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