Ohio University: America in the Asian Pacific

Abraham Ortelius, Pacific Ocean, 1589

George Washington Forum: “America in the Asian Pacific”


The George Washington Forum at Ohio University, a JMC partner program, and the Contemporary History Institute will be hosting “America in the Asian Pacific,” a lecture by Michael J. Green of Georgetown University.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 • 7:30 PM
Galbreath Chapel (College Green) • Ohio University

Free and open to the public

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Michael J. GreenMichael J. Green is Director of Asian Studies and Chair in Modern and Contemporary Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He served on the staff of the National Security Council (NSC) from 2001 through 2005. Before joining the NSC staff, he was a senior fellow for East Asian security at the Council on Foreign Relations, director of the Edwin O. Reischauer Center and the Foreign Policy Institute, and Assistant Professor at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University, Research Staff Member at the Institute for Defense Analyses, and Senior Adviser on Asia in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. His most recent book is By More than Providence: Grand Strategy and American Power in the Asia Pacific since 1783 (2017).

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The George Washington Forum on American Ideas, Politics, and Institutions at Ohio University is a participant in JMC’s Ohio Political Economy Initiative, made possible by a grant from the Thomas W. Smith Foundation. The Forum teaches America’s foundational principles in their Western intellectual, political, and institutional contexts. It is grounded on the idea that students facing an increasingly globalized world need to understand what characterizes and distinguishes the nation in which they live and the civilization from which it emerged. The Forum helps students become enlightened citizens in a liberal democracy whose roots run deep in Western civilization, but whose ideals and interests transcend the West.

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