Elizabeth Dorssom: Missouri Politics – Government in the Show-Me State


Missouri Politics: Government in the Show-Me State

By Elizabeth Dorssom


JMC faculty partner Elizabeth Dorssom has just released a new book on Missouri government, Missouri Politics: Government in the Show-Me State:

This book looks at the political status of Missouri in the United States. This comprehensive book explores the Show-Me State’s rich political tradition through a comparative approach. The author describes Missouri’s political system and traditions in context with other states’ constitutions, policymaking, and institutions. This book describes Missouri’s basic institutions such as the General Assembly, Governors, and Judicial System, in addition to providing an overview of the basic powers of the state government, as Missouri’s constitutional organization, and the role of campaigns, political parties, and interest groups. This book provides an in-depth explanation and comprehensive overview of the structure and inner workings of Missouri’s political system.

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Elizabeth Dorssom is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lincoln University of Missouri where she teaches classes on State and Local Government, American National Government, and Public Policy. A dedicated professor and advocate for first-generation students, Elizabeth has received multiple teaching awards. Elizabeth earned a PhD in Political Science from the University of Missouri, and also holds degrees from California State University-Northridge, and Chatham University. Her research on the impact of legislative resources on policy adoption is published in Social Science Quarterly and Political Science Educator.

Professor Dorssom is a Jack Miller Center faculty partner.

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