Call for Abstracts: Graduate Conference in Political Theory and Constitutional Studies at Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame

Call for Abstracts: Graduate Conference in Political Theory and Constitutional Studies at the University of Notre Dame


The Department of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame invites abstracts for its first annual Notre Dame Graduate Conference in Political Theory and Constitutional Studies, which will take place on May 3, 2024 on-campus at the University of Notre Dame.

The conference will feature a series of paper presentations by PhD students from programs across the country, with individualized comments provided by Notre Dame graduate student discussants and faculty.

The department is also excited to announce that Dr. Bryan Garsten, Professor of Political Science and Humanities at Yale University, will give the keynote address for the conference. His work addresses a broad range of topics including representative government, politics and religion, and the role of emotion in politics. His forthcoming book The Heart of a Heartless World examines the ethical, political and religious core of early nineteenth-century liberalism in the United States and France.

The organizers invite paper submissions from current PhD students in relevant fields.  The keynote address, as well as the entire conference, will be open to all members of the Notre Dame community.

Abstracts should be 500-750 words for papers on subjects including but not limited to the following themes:

  1. Modern constitutionalism and jurisprudence
  2. Contemporary defenses and critiques of liberalism
  3. Humanity, technology, and environmental politics
  4. Political theory and literature
  5. Feminism and the family in the history of political thought
  6. The natural law tradition and intersections between political theory and religious thought
  7. The American founding and its legacy

Five papers will be selected, with applicants being notified in early February 2024. Accepted students are expected to submit a full paper of 10,000 words or fewer two weeks prior to
the conference.

Questions? Contact the organizers at

Abstracts are due on January 14, 2024 at midnight EST.

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