Belmont Abbey College: “Free Citizens, Free Souls: A Conference on Education, Social Justice, and the Great Books”

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Belmont Abbey Honors College: “Free Citizens, Free Souls: A Conference on Education, Social Justice, and the Great Books”


On April 9-10, 2021, Belmont Abbey Honors College held a JMC-supported intercollegiate conference on education, social justice, and the great books. The conference included a keynote address by Dr. Anika Prather and breakout seminars mixed students and faculty from various colleges on texts by Frederick Douglass, Alexis De Tocqueville, W.E.B. Du Bois, James Baldwin, and Anna Julia Cooper.

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Anika Prather Anika Prather is a Classics Professor at Howard University and is the founder of The Living Water School. She also serves on the Board of Academic Advisors for the CLT (Classic Learning Test). Her research focus is on building literacy with African American students through engagement in the books of the Canon and self-published her book Living in the Constellation of the Canon: The Lived Experiences of African American Students Reading Great Books Literature recently.  She has served as a teacher, supervisor for student teachers, director of education and Head of School.

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From the program:

Belmont Abbey Honors College is a unique opportunity for students who love reading, are quietly perceptive, and enjoy listening to or participating in discussions of important matters both in and out of the classroom. Very differently from most educational programs, the Honors College does not rely on standard textbooks for instruction or as ways of garnering information. For, while instruction and information so acquired can be useful, we turn our primary attention to the reading of books which implicitly or explicitly make a bold claim of wisdom about the most important matters in human life. Such books have been written by historians, scientists, poets, philosophers, and theologians and are often referred to as “great books.”

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