The American Experiment

Essays Reflecting on American Ideas and Institutions

JMC’s inaugural issue of The American Experiment featured the keynote address delivered October 3, 2019 at the Jack Miller Center’s 2019 Summit on Higher Education. Focusing on the theme of the summit, “Should America’s Colleges Teach Patriotism?”, Dr. Agresto spoke on true patriotism and its relationship to civic knowledge.

Dr. John Agresto is former Chancellor of the American University of Iraq and President of St. John’s College (ret.). He is a member of the JMC Board of Directors.

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2020 (Vol. 1)
John Agresto, “Should America’s Colleges Teach Patriotism?
Justin Dyer, “Our Promissory Note

2021 (Vol. 2)
Peter C. Myers, “Frederick Douglass’s American Identity Politics
Susan McWilliams Barndt, “The July 4 Project

2023 (Vol. 3)
Alberto R. Coll, “Educating for Freedom

The JMC’s previous series of essays, A New Republic of Letters, derived its name from a term Thomas Jefferson used to refer to the Founding generation’s civic-minded “men of letters.” This series showcases some of the work of the faculty in our academic network. A wide range of topics concerning the American founding and American political thought were addressed, and each essay evidences the thoughtfulness and care that is characteristic of our faculty.

2018 (Vol. 1)
Allen C. Guelzo, “In Defense of the Electoral College
Diana Schaub, “Lincoln at Gettysburg

2019 (Vol. 2)
Mark David Hall, “Why Tolerate Religion?: The Rise and Fall of Religious Liberty in America
James W. Ceaser, “Restoring the Constitution