National Summit on Civic Education

Working together to advance civic education grounded in America’s founding principles and history.

Civics Leaders and Funders. Higher Ed and K-12 Reform. Actionable Steps

The National Summit on Civic Education is an annual invitation-only event for top civic education leaders to collaborate and find solutions to the pressing challenges in civic education.

Speakers and panelists offer insight on topics from the challenges K-12 teachers face and recent policy changes to the fundamentals of Constitutional education and the civic mission of universities. Some attendees have been working to improve civic education for many years, and others have come to this movement more recently because they see the need is so great.

The Summit welcomes people from every part of the country, Republicans and Democrats and independents, bringing different perspectives and life stories together to tackle these problems. If you are interested in attending or sponsoring the upcoming National Summit, please reach out to Thomas Kelly at

Join us for the 2024 National Summit

November 14-15 Ι Philadelphia, PA

The third annual National Summit on Civic Education will focus on how civic education can revive our institutions and foster opportunities for collaboration and actionable ideas in anticipation of our nation’s 250th birthday in 2026.

If you are interested in attending this invitation-only conference, please reach out to Thomas Kelly, Vice President of Civics Initiatives, at

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