Explore our active projects and initiatives, aimed at improving civic education in higher education, K-12 schools, and in the public.

JMC’s 3rd annual National Summit on Civic Education

The third annual National Summit on Civic Education will be held November 14-15, 2024 in Philadelphia. If you are interested in attending this invitation-only conference, please reach out to Thomas Kelly, Vice President of Civics Initiatives.

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Higher education

Elevating the American Political Tradition within college campuses, academic research, and the public sphere.

K-12 education

Transforming K-12 teacher education through professional development seminars, graduate courses, and classroom resource development.

Civic education and philanthropic leadership

Transforming civic education by America’s 250th birthday

The Jack Miller Center is leading the future of a more informed, invested citizenry by bringing America’s founding history, documents, and ideas back into our nation’s classroom. Our Teach for Freedom Campaign is a bold, strategic plan to achieve national impact by 2026.

Teach for Freedom