Founding Civics Initiative

JMC’s Founding Civics Initiative is transforming education for K-12 civics, history, and social studies teachers.

Primary Source Texts. Scholar-Led Discussion. K-12 Classroom Application

Our goal is to empower K-12 history and civics teachers with a deep understanding of the American political tradition through the study of primary texts. Since 2016, our Founding Civics seminars and graduate courses have connected 2,100+ teachers with 100+ scholars nationwide to explore our nation’s founding ideas, documents, and history.

The in-depth professional development teachers want

The Jack Miller Center is committed to providing high quality professional development and support to K-12 civics and history teachers. By tapping into our extensive network of partner professors, JMC offers graduate courses and seminars that enrich teachers’ understanding of America’s founding principles and history.

Our State-by-State Model for Change

JMC’s approach to nationwide impact relies on tailoring programs to the particular needs of teachers in each state. We currently work in 11 states and are reaching new states every year.

Statewide and Regional Initiatives

Professional Development Events for K-12 Teachers

Founding Civics programs combine in-depth discussion of primary source texts with innovative teaching strategies, offering teachers the chance to master important content and enhance their ability to engage students with primary sources in their classroom.

Founding Civics Events

Meet the Scholars Teaching K-12 Teachers

JMC is leveraging our nationwide faculty network to improve professional development for K-12 teachers. Meet the JMC scholars who are leading Founding Civics graduate courses and professional development programs.

Meet the FCI Faculty
“There is no better professional development,
no better scholarship, and no better organization than the JMC to provide this kind of professional development support”

Molly Smith

Florida High School Teacher

Mastering Civics

The Jack Miller Center is proud to introduce the nation’s first university consortium committed to graduate education in the American political tradition with courses uniquely designed for teachers.

Graduate Consortium Program

Our programs & resources for K-12 teachers

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Meet the Founding Civics Initiative team