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Important Topics in American Development

A collection of resources exploring important historical topics and celebrating the American calendar

The Jack Miller Center is pleased to offer several collections of resources that enhance understanding of American political development and history. Each collection focuses on an American holiday or important aspect of the nation’s history. Resources draw from the writing of our fellows’, primary documents, and respected centers of knowledge, such as the Library of Congress and the National Archives. Click through the sections below to view the different collections.





John Adams

John Adams, Asher B. Durand






Martin Luther King Jr. Day (3rd Monday of January)

Martin Luther King Jr. at March on Washington, 1963



Presidents Day (3rd Monday of February)

Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Charles Shober



Flag Day  (June 14)

Our Banner in the Sky, by Frederic Edwin Church



Independence Day  (July 4)



Labor Day  (1st Monday of September)

First Labor Day parade



Constitution Day  (September 17)



Free Speech Week (3rd full week of October)

Give me liberty



Veterans Day (November 11)

Colorado Springs Veterans Day parade



Thanksgiving (4th Thursday of November)

One of the Family, Frederick George Cotman



Hanukkah & Christmas (25th of Kislev & December 25)

Philadelphia Winter Landscape, Thomas Birch