We have compiled all of the primary texts our scholars use in our teacher programs. You will find speeches, letters, and written works from influential philosophers, American founders, and other important leaders in American history. In addition to primary texts, we have gathered helpful lesson plans, select videos, and secondary readings. 

The Founders were influenced by philosophers and ideas that came long before them. Discover the ancient and contemporary philosophers that inspired the Founders in their creation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Learn about the most important works from key revolutionaries and leading politicians in the new nation.

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents in American history. Read Jefferson’s first draft, study Douglass’s interpretation of the Declaration, and see the impact of its legacy.

Take a deep dive into foundational principles, the expressed powers, and the individual freedoms protected by the Constitution.

What are the hallmarks of a democratic society? Read highlights from Tocqueville’s Democracy in America and consider key pieces of democratic literature.

Read Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’s most important works and learn more about slavery at the founding, abolition, the civil war, and the civil rights movement.