American Miseducation: A New Documentary from The Free Press

American Miseducation: A New Documentary from The Free Press


The recent surge in antisemitism on campuses has shed a light on the crisis unfolding at American universities. There have been dozens of threats and acts of violence targeting Jews since October 7. The Anti-Defamation League, for example, recorded over 2,000 antisemitic incidents between October and December 2023—a 337-percent increase. Violence has no place on our campuses, and as Americans, we bear the responsibility to stand against intolerance and combat bigotry in all its forms.  

But where did this all come from?  

While there has been a focus on the failures of college presidents and administrations to safeguard Jewish students, one aspect that we cannot overlook is the ideology of identity pervading education. What has our students so worked up about oppressive classes and decolonization that they’re willing to harm their fellow classmates?

Unfortunately, Generation Z seems to have imbibed the most identity politics. In a recent Harvard-Harris poll, two-thirds of voters between the ages of 18 and 24 agreed that “Jews as a class are oppressors and should be treated as oppressors.”

At the Jack Miller Center, we refuse to accept antisemitism or racial bigotry in any form. The American political tradition we love holds dear the principles of pluralism and toleration and human dignity. That’s why we are partnering with The Free Press to tell the story of what’s happening on America’s college campuses. We believe this American Miseducation documentary shows why pushing back against hate begins in our schools and universities. Universities should be spaces for free inquiry and open debate, grounded in the pursuit of truth. It’s time to replace these reductive political ideologies with a liberal education grounded in the ideals of freedom, tolerance, and human dignity—the ideals at the heart of our tradition as a free people in the United States.  

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The Jack Miller Center is a nonpartisan organization committed to teaching America’s founding principles and history. We firmly believe that the American political tradition can be appreciated by every citizen of this great republic – left, right, and center. We also believe that to form thoughtful, critically thinking citizens, we must give students the opportunity to understand the alternatives to the American system and the political history that surrounds them. America needs to listen to her critics and take them seriously, even as we remain devoted to our founding principles. 

This work must be done by professors who are well formed in the American political tradition, value civil discourse inside the academy and out, and hold a steadfast commitment to the pursuit of truth. To truly fix this problem, we must prioritize the preparation and advancement of talented educators who align with the principles of a free society. 

JMC hopes that American Miseducation will be a guiding light, inspiring a return to the stories and traditions that make our country “the last, best hope of the world.” 

To join us, please consider making a gift to support this critical and urgent work. 

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