Why civics?

Civic education—the study of the rights and duties of citizenship—is essential to a free, functioning democracy. Sadly, much of our education system has lost sight of its central purpose—preparing the rising generation of citizens.

The work of solving America’s civic education crisis is nothing short of critical and urgent.

National poll finds parents want to stop polarizing civics

In fall 2022, JMC commissioned a national poll to hear from parents about their expectations for their children’s civic education. The most surprising finding was consensus: parents across all racial and political backgrounds overwhelmingly agree that K-12 civic education should focus on our country’s founding principles. Despite headlines about “cancel culture” and “book banning,” there is much common ground on the essentials of American civic education.

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Teaching methodology has trumped subject mastery. Mediocre textbooks have surpassed primary sources. Civic engagement is valued while civic responsibility is ignored. And judging the past has become more important than understanding the past.

We believe there are four key projects required for broad-scale change:

  1. A deep roster of scholars who teach and study the American political tradition
  2. Widely-available content-based civics teacher education
  3. A national forum for civic education leaders and funders
  4. A more informed public

It’s time for a nationwide movement to transform civic education. Join us.

Bringing real change, from scholar to student to society

The Jack Miller Center is leading the future of a more informed, invested citizenry by bringing America’s founding history, documents, and ideas back into our nation’s classroom. Learn more about how we’re transforming civic education in the classroom and beyond.

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