Events: Fall 2023

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Jack Miller Center Events:  Fall 2023


Check here for upcoming JMC events this fall!

Have a question about attending an event? Email JMC’s Communications and Design Officer, Anna Zemaitaitis at




Community College Conference, Portland, Oregon

August 15-17, 2023
A three-day professional development conference for community college professors to read and discuss key texts in the American political tradition and work to integrate them into their classrooms.




Teach for Freedom Gala, Chicago, Illinois

September 7, 2023
A gala honoring Jack Miller, serial entrepreneur, visionary philanthropic leader, and great American success story.

Constituting America Live Virtual Workshop with Hans Zeiger

September 15, 2023 – 2:00 PM ET
JMC President Hans Zeiger appears as a special guest on Constituting America’s Constitution Day Virtual Workshops. Hans will lead a live session on “The Constitution & Communication”


Constitution Day (various locations)

September 17, 2023
To learn more about Constitution Day, and our programs around the country, visit our Constitution Day page.





Wisconsin: A National Leader in Civic Education, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 17, 2023
Join us for a reception at the Milwaukee Club to discuss how Wisconsin is leading the nation in civic education renewal. If you are interested in attending this private reception, please reach out to Matthew Riffe at




National Summit on Civic Education, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 9-10, 2023
A two-day conference with civic leaders, philanthropists, and practitioners aimed at improving the way we understand, teach, and promote America’s founding principles and history. This conference is hosted by the Jack Miller Center and the Union League Legacy Foundation.



About the Jack Miller Center


The Jack Miller Center is a nationwide network of scholars and civics teachers committed to educating the next generation about the foundational texts and ideas of the American political tradition.

Through its network of more than 1,000 scholars in the fields of American history and political thought, the Jack Miller Center provides professional development for social studies teachers and builds innovative partnerships between higher education institutions and the K-12 teaching force. More information on the Jack Miller Center is available at



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