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On this day in 1862, Ida B. Wells was born in Holly Springs, Missouri

On this day in 1862, civil rights and women’s rights activist Ida B. Wells was born in Holly Springs, Missouri. An investigative journalist, she reported on and exposed the violence of lynchings in the South and spoke out against segregation. During this time, Wells received threats to her life and work but did not waver […]


On this day – Nation’s Capital was founded!

On July 16, 1790, our national capital, Washington, D.C., was founded on the Potomac River as George Washington signed the Residence Act into law. The president was tasked with choosing the exact location and a new district was formed from land donated by both Maryland and Virginia. 🏛🇺🇸⛲️ Ironically enough, Washington was the only U.S. […]