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American Journalist Nellie Bly Birthday

On this day in 1864, American journalist Nellie Bly was born in Cochran’s Mills, Pennsylvania. Bly (born Elizabeth Cochran) is famous for her daring approach to investigative journalism, and, in particular, for exposing the poor working and living conditions in urban areas.⁠ ⁠ In 1887, Bly went undercover, feigning insanity in order to be admitted […]

Mary Kies becomes the first woman to receive a U.S. patent

On May 5, 1809, Mary Kies became the first woman to receive a U.S. patent for her new method of weaving straw hats using silk and thread. 👒👒👒 Did you know? First Lady Dolley Madison was so impressed with Kies’ innovation that she wrote to her with congratulations for boosting the female-dominated straw hat-making industry. […]