Call for Proposals: The Politics of Contemporary Television


Call for Proposals: Politics and Contemporary Television


Along with Bruce Peabody, JMC fellows Erin Dolgoy and Kimberly Hale are currently editing a new book series on the politics of contemporary television for Lexington Books.

They invite JMC-affiliated faculty to submit proposals.

About the series:
The Politics and Contemporary Television book series examines the relationship between contemporary television and politics, especially by exploring the philosophical ideas that inform our understanding of the history, challenges, problems, and nature of today’s political orders. We are in a new age of television, characterized by the high quality of television programming, abundance of streaming services, and the proliferation of platforms that allow a tremendous amount and diversity of content to be produced and distributed outside of the regulations imposed on network television and traditional entertainment studios. These changes to the television industry have increasingly led to the dispersal and consumption of television programs on a global scale, with audiences exposed to (and eager to consume) international programming and media.

Contemporary television, as a result of both its content and dissemination, allows for continuous engagement with audiences over time, across geographic and linguistic borders, and among dynamic political conversations and debates. This series embraces scholarship from a variety of academic fields and theoretical approaches, while remaining rooted in political philosophy’s interest in first principles of political orders and epistemology. In addition to English language programming, this series is interesting in work that considers non-English language programming and television that is produced and developed outside of the United States. The series publishes interdisciplinary works examining both the political and philosophical themes of recent television series, and the broader impact that television has on contemporary political culture.

Contact Kimberly Hale at with any questions and for more information.

Click here to learn more about the Politics and Contemporary Television series >>

Proposals are being accepted on a rolling basis.



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