YCRI Commercial Republic Conference: “The Political Thought of Richard Price”

The Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions (YCRI) is pleased to announce the following conference: “Revolution, Dissent, and Democracy, The Political Thought of Richard Price”

Please mark your calendars for Friday, September 11th, and Saturday, September 12th, and join us at Whitney Humanities Center, Room 208, 53 Wall Street. “Revolution, Dissent, and Democracy: The Political Thought of Richard Price” presents recent scholarship on one of the most controversial defenders of the American and French revolutions, the moral philosopher, political economist, and Dissenting minister Richard Price (1723-1791).

Presentations will be given by Emma Macleod (University of Stirling), Paul Frame (University of Wales), Yiftah Elazar (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), David Armitrage (Harvard University), Steven Pincus (Yale University), William Deringer (MIT), Anthony Page (University of Tasmania), Jennifer Pitts (University of Chicago), Martin Fitzpatrick (Aberystwyth University), David Bromwich (Yale University), Rémy Duthille (Université Bordeaux Montaigne), John Faulkner (Ohio University), J.C.D. Clark (University of Kansas), and Richard Bourke (Queen Mary, University of London).

For the full schedule, download the program poster on the YCRI website. For inquiries related to the symposium, contact Yiftah Elazar at yiftah.elazar@mail.huji.ac.il.