Jacksonville State University: Should the President Represent the People?

Tocqueville Lecture Series: “Should the President Represent the People?”


For its final event of the semester, the Tocqueville Lecture Series at Jacksonville State University, a new JMC partner program, will be holding a virtual presentation and Q&A with faculty partner Jeremy Bailey on his book, The Idea of Presidential Representation: An Intellectual and Political History. Dr. Bailey’s presentation will explore areas of American government, political thought, public opinion, equality, and liberty.

Thursday, April 22, 2021 • 5:30 PM CDT
A virtual event

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Jeremy D. Bailey is a Professor at the University of Houston, where he holds a dual appointment in Political Science and the Honors College. His articles have appeared in American Political Science Review, Review of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Publius, Presidential Studies Quarterly, American Politics Research, Critical Review, and Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. His books include The Idea of Presidential Representation: An Intellectual and Political History (University Press of Kansas, 2019), James Madison and Constitutional Imperfection (Cambridge University Press, 2015), The Contested Removal Power, 1789-2010 (University Press of Kansas 2013, coauthored with David Alvis and Flagg Taylor), which was named a 2014 “Outstanding Academic Title” by Choice, and Thomas Jefferson and Executive Power (Cambridge University Press 2007). With Susan McWilliams Barndt, he is editor of American Political Thought: A Journal of Ideas, Institutions, and Culture, published quarterly by University of Chicago Press, as well as the American political thought book series at the University Press of Kansas. Bailey attended Rhodes College and received his Ph.D. from Boston College, where his dissertation was the 2004 co-winner of the APSA’s E. E. Schattschneider Prize for best dissertation in American politics.

Professor Bailey is a JMC faculty partner.

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The Tocqueville Lecture Series at Jacksonville State University invites scholars, professionals, and civic leaders to present on the ideas of liberty and equality, as they relate to other concepts important in the founding and continuation of American government.

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