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The Constitutionalist logoThe Jack Miller Center is proud to support The Constitutionalist, a new website dedicated to the intellectual and political work of constitutional democracy. Its authors are open to a range of political perspectives, but they are unified by a capacious understanding of the constitutional endeavor – namely, that constitutions are sustained not only by law, but also by civil society and civic norms.

Using their expertise in political philosophy, American political development, public law, and political culture and literature, they aim to foster conversation across disciplinary lines and beyond the confines of academia. We believe this kind of conversation is vital to the creation and maintenance of good constitutions. Though they are interested in what happens elsewhere, their primary focus is on the American experience.

Regular contributors include Laura Field, George Thomas, Susan McWilliams Barndt, Jeffrey Tulis, and Greg Weiner and JMC board member Benjamin Kleinerman leads the endeavor as the blog’s editor.

If you’d like to pitch a piece for publication, email Ben at

The views expressed by contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Jack Miller Center, whose funding supports this endeavor.

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Benjamin KleinermanBenjamin Kleinerman is the Editor of The Constitutionalist and R.W. Morrison Chair of Political Science at Baylor University. He is also a member of the board of the Jack Miller Center. His research focuses on the relationship between executive power and the constitutional order. Ben teaches class on both political thought and political institutions and has published multiple works, including The Discretionary President: The Promise and Peril of Executive Power and is in the process of publishing Becoming Commander-in-Chief: A Constitutional Success Story.

Ben attended JMC’s first summer institute in 2005 and has since moved up the ranks from postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University to a tenured position, first at Michigan State’s James Madison College, and now at Baylor University. Ben received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Michigan State University. Previously, he was the Garwood Visiting Scholar at Princeton University.

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