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With your help, we can do much more to ensure students across the nation learn about the ideas and principles at the heart of American political life.

Why Your Gift Matters

A planned gift to the Jack Miller Center will have a lasting impact and make an important contribution to the education of students across the nation. You can create a legacy that will prepare generations of students to be informed and engaged citizens and ensure a future that preserves the freedoms and institutions established by our nation’s founders.

A gift in your will or living trust is a simple and enduring way to support education in America’s founding principles and history for young people around our nation.  Your gift will also entitle your estate to an unlimited federal estate tax charitable deduction.

If you would like to give a gift through life insurance, retirement fund, stocks, or other methods, please contact us. You can call Yael Levin Hungerford, director of major gifts, at 484-436-2064 or email at yhungerford@gojmc.org.

An excellent way to simplify your charitable giving to the Jack Miller Center is through a donor-advised fund. If your donor-advised fund sponsors DAF Direct, you can use the form below and recommend the amount you wish to be donated directly from our website. See the “Donate Now from” list to check for your fund.

Fill in the “designation” section if you would like the donation to be directed to a particular program. We will gladly honor the preferences of donors.

Once you make your selection, the “Next” button will take you to your organization’s website to complete your donor advised fund transaction. There are no fees by using DAF Direct.


How will my support make a difference?

How will money I donate to the Jack Miller Center be used?

Why does it matter if students lean about America’s founding principles and history?

See the answers to these and other common questions on our FAQs page. Or give us a call: 484-436-2060.

Why Your Gift Matters, from our Faculty Partners

JMC donors are not simply resources for our programs; they are direct participants in our mission.

We pledge to be effective stewards of your money, multiplying your gift, to shepherd the programs your investment makes possible, and report to you based on careful evaluation to ensure the desired outcomes are being achieved.

We work with Huron Associates, a leading higher education market research firm, to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs.

“In our focus group research with JMC affiliates ranging from current postdocs to tenured faculty, we consistently heard that they see JMC programs and networks being a powerful force in the world of higher learning,” said Director Bill Hayward of Huron’s Constituent Research Group in Higher Education.

Why I Give, Testimony from JMC Donor Partners