Summer Programs at Princeton’s James Madison Program

Summer Programs: Moral Foundations of the American Constitutional Order


Co-sponsored by the Witherspoon Institute, this one-week residential seminar for postdoctoral and advanced graduate students in American political thought and political theory will examine major interpretations of the founding, with a view to understanding the American constitutional order’s elements of republicanism, liberalism, natural law and natural rights, the common law, and Christianity. Is there a coherent moral teaching that underlies the American regime from its inception? If so, what is it? If not, what then? And how do these questions bear on the development and future of American politics? In addition to the core faculty, several guest faculty will join the seminar during the week’s sessions.

June 11-15, 2018
Princeton University campus

Applicants must demonstrate familiarity with core texts in the American founding.

Core faculty:
Dr. Bradford P. Wilson, Executive Director, James Madison Program, Princeton University
Dr. Matthew J. Franck, Director, Simon Center on Religion and the Constitution, Witherspoon Institute

Program Fee: $250; includes meals, campus accommodations, and course materials.
Application Deadline: February 18

>>Apply for the seminar here. 



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