Subversion Through Education

The JMC American Experiment Video Series: “Subversion Through Education”


Welcome to The American Experiment—the Jack Miller Center’s new video series with frank discussions on politics, principles, and education. The series is hosted by Dr. John Agresto, retired president of St. John’s College and JMC board member.

Our second episode features a stimulating conversation with Professor Robert P. George (Princeton University) about educating for good citizenship and what a proper civic education looks like.

The United States changed history when it charted its course as the first nation founded not on race, religion or monarchy — but ideas. An ambitious charter requires an educated people to make those ideas a reality.

But when does education become indoctrination? What happens when controversial political ideas are presented as facts? How can educators prepare the next generation to be good citizens and critical thinkers? Robert P. George of Princeton University talks with John Agresto of the Jack Miller Center Board about student education, the 1619 Project, and other issues that have moved to the forefront of discussion about what civic education should be.

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