Spring Seminar Series at the University of California, Davis

The Davis Political Theory Forum at the University of California, Davis, is hosting the seminar series, “Faith, Philosophy, and Politics in Modern Political Thought”.

The following is a list of the lectures to be given this spring. In addition to these lectures, graduate student seminars will be held.

April 7: Christine Dunn Henderson (Liberty Fund, Inc.), “Tocqueville and Modern Individualism.”

April 18: Kinch Hoekstra (Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley), “Hobbes and the Politics of the Future.”

May 2: Douglas Thompson (Department of Political Science, University of South Carolina), “Montaigne and the Tolerance of Politics: Negotiating Capacities in the Essais”

May 16: Arlene Saxonhouse (Department of Political Science, University of Michigan), “The Pacificus/Helvidius Debates: Confronting the Moral Status of the State in the Early Republic.”

May 27: Paul Weithman (Department of Philosophy, Notre Dame University), “Representation and Sovereignty in Hobbes’s Christian Commonwealth.”

This seminar series is part of the JMC’s Commercial Republic Initiative, supported with a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation, which aims to reground pre-professional education in the humanities by addressing the deep sources of modern free institutions and the role of those ideas for wealth creation and human flourishing in a commercial society.