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Union League Legacy Foundation: Program Manager


The Union League Legacy Foundation, the nonprofit arm of The Union League of Philadelphia, recently restructured from three separate organizations into one, single charitable organization, seeks a program manager to help oversee and execute educational programs, including speaker programs, civics education programs, exhibits, tours and more. Located in the Sir John Templeton Heritage Center, a research and exhibit space, in the historic League House in Center City, Philadelphia, this position reports to the Chief Administrative Officer.

The Legacy Foundation uses the incredible history and values of the Union League, and the United States Constitution, to continue to educate and inspire more engaged and responsible citizens. It is dedicated to historic preservation, experiential programs rooted in the perennial principles of freedom as they have taken shape and continue to take shape in the American experiment, and innovative partnerships to strategically inspire others—especially students—to understand, appreciate, and defend the Constitution and the ongoing promise it holds for our country and its citizens.

The Program Manager will work closely with the Chief Administrative Officer, Program Coordinator, and the Archivist and Collections Coordinator to implement the educational programs that includes lectures, exhibits, civics education programs for high school students, history tours and more. The Program Manager is primarily responsible for the overseeing all programs and plays in integral role in the realization of the Legacy Foundation’s mission to educate and inspire engaged citizenship.

With the Legacy Foundation’s strategic growth plans, the Program Manager must be liberty-minded, industrious, a continuous learner, an excellent communicator, and highly organized. Whether you are a rising professional or seasoned academic, this position presents meaningful opportunities to develop and to creatively make an impact. As Program Manager, you will manage the heart of the mission.


  1. Program Management: Work closely with the leadership and education committee to manage and implement a diverse set of educational programs. Develop and oversee educational content, communications, logistics, staffing, volunteers, and success.
  2. Relationship Management: Maintain and strengthen relationships with program partners and guest speakers. Strengthen relationships with key volunteers, committee heads, and other internal and external stakeholders. Be a trustworthy representative of the mission through modeling a spirit of integrity and service.
  3. Program Strategy: Ensure all programmatic content achieves the mission to educate and inspire Union League members, students, and the broader Philadelphia community. Leverage historic collections, key partnerships, and gallery space to strategically plan programs. Provide insight and direction into potential opportunities to enhance programs.

Over time, this position can grow into a director-level one that assumes more oversight and management responsibilities.


The Program Manager must have some experience in education and translating complex concepts and ideas to others. Since the Legacy Foundation is expanding its programs, the ideal candidate will embody a resourceful, agile, and ambitious personality to meet the demands of a growing philanthropic mission.

He or she will also:

  1. Have strong alignment with the Legacy Foundation’s mission and vision and take personal meaning in this work as advocating for individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise.
  2. Experience in American history or civics.
  3. Be highly effective in forming trusting relationships with colleagues and external stakeholders and vendors.
  4. An ability to motivate staff and volunteers to galvanize around programs.
  5. Demonstrate an ability to identify needs and areas of opportunity accompanied with a willingness to take initiative to address them.
  6. Be excellent in delivering clear and compelling content in many forms—written, verbal, visual—to several different audiences.
  7. Have familiarity with communication platforms.
  8. Possess superior organizational, project-management, and time-management skills to ensure the successful execution of competing deadlines.
  9. Seek the well-being of the mission overall


To apply

The application should consist of:

  1. a cover letter that outlines 1) your interest in the position 2) how your values align with the mission 3) a highlight of your professional and/or personal achievements that have particular relevance to your ability to perform the role’s duties with excellence;
  2. a resume;
  3. a writing sample;
  4. and three professional references.

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Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis.



From the organization

The Union League Legacy Foundation is a well-established philanthropic presence in the heart of Philadelphia.

Founded during the American Civil War, The Union League of Philadelphia was founded to support Abraham Lincoln, abolition and Union. Today, The Union League Legacy Foundation uses that history, the values of League and the United States Constitution to educate and inspire more engaged and responsible citizens. The United States continues to combat many crises that threaten unity on many levels, and the Legacy Foundation models the perennial principles of freedom—individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise—to help our country navigate the issues of our times.

Through the generosity of its donors, the Legacy Foundation is in a record period of growth. In 2021, the Legacy Foundation impressively awarded over $400,000 to 13 students for scholarships for post-secondary education; hosted over 1,000 individuals on Lincoln Day; commissioned a new portrait of Frederick Douglass; acquired over 42 new items for its archives and collection; hosted 219 high school juniors for Good Citizen Day; and, hosted 35 lectures with nearly 10,000 in attendance.

The Legacy Foundation’s programs root Americans and, in particular, students, in history and provide a foundation from which engaged and responsible citizenship can be forged. The ongoing impact and promise is a more free and unified country.

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