Peter Augustine Lawler, 1951-2017

Peter Augustine Lawler

Peter Augustine Lawler, Dana Professor in Government at Berry College and Jack Miller Center fellow, passed away unexpectedly on the night of Tuesday, May 22.

Professor Lawler was a prolific writer and a beloved teacher. He authored fifteen books, including Modern and American DignityPostmodernism Rightly Understood, Aliens in America, Stuck with VirtueHomeless and at Home in America, and, with Robert Schaefer, American Political Rhetoric; he has written hundreds of articles and popular blogs for a variety of outlets, including National Review, the Weekly Standard, and First Things; and he has given over a hundred talks at colleges and universities across the country. He was a mentor to countless students, including many in the Jack Miller Center’s community of fellows.

His friends, colleagues and students remember him for his wisdom, his humility, his generosity, his wry sense of humor, and the astounding breadth of his knowledge.

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The following is a lecture Professor Lawler gave at the University of North Carolina in 2013: