New Journal “Constitutional Studies” Launched

The first issue of Constitutional Studies features articles by Mark Graber, Clement Fatovic, Ethan Alexander-Davey, Zoltan Szente, and Thomas Keck.

Mission Statement
Constitutional Studies publishes work from a variety of disciplines that addresses the theory and practice of constitutional government. The journal seeks work of the highest quality that expands our understanding of constitutional institutions and the bases for their legitimacy, practices of constitutional self-government, formal and informal constitutional systems, approaches to constitutional jurisprudence, and related subjects. We welcome submissions from comparative, empirical, historical, normative, or analytic perspectives from scholars across the range of the social sciences and humanities.

Click here to download the first issue.

The journal is currently soliciting submissions for the third issue. Please go to for details.

Requests for printed copies, subscriptions, or other inquiries may be addressed to:
Journals Division
University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe St.
Madison, WI 53711