New Jack Miller Center Research Fellowship at Colonial Williamsburg

The Jack Miller Center is pleased to partner with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation to sponsor the Colonial Williamsburg-Jack Miller Center Fellowships. This award is intended to advance scholarship that will contribute to a deeper understanding of America’s founding principles and history through the resources at the John. D. Rockefeller Jr. Library at Colonial Williamsburg.

“This JMC partnership with Colonial Williamsburg will provide scholars access to the Rockefeller Library’s unparalleled resources,” says JMC President Mike Ratliff. “All of us who heard Dr. Horn’s presentation at our 10th Annual Summit on Higher Education last fall are excited that only a few months later we have taken this first step toward a collaboration that surely will grow and continue for years to come.  Along with similar projects at the Huntington and Newberry libraries, these fellowships will enrich the understanding of our history and the ideas that shape our national life.”