At Harvard: Morton Keller on “The Rise and Stall of the Modern American State”

On Friday April 25th, Harvard University’s Program in Constitutional Government will host Morton Keller, Professor Emeritus of History and Brandeis University for a lecture on “The Rise and Stall of the Modern American State.” Mickey Keller is Professor Emeritus of History at Brandeis and the author of several notable books in 19th and 20th century American history:  Regulating a New Society; Public Policy and Social Change in America, 1900-1933 (1994); Regulating a New Economy in America; Economic Change and Public Policy, 1900-1933 (1990); The New Deal; What Was It? (1963).  He is also the author, with Phyllis Keller, of Making Harvard Modern; The Rise of America’s University (2001).

More information can be found here.