Missouri Seminar: Jay Sexton on Disunion of Founding

A Nation Forged by Crisis

Kinder Institute Chair Jay Sexton’s forthcoming book, A Nation Forged by Crisis: A New American History, will be the topic of the second Fall 2017 meeting of the Missouri Regional Seminar on Early American History. For the seminar, participants will read the introduction and “Disunion” chapter of Professor Sexton’s book. Ohio University Associate Professor and Chair of Social Sciences Brian Schoen will serve as the interlocutor for this event. Housed under Missouri’s Kinder Institute, a JMC partner program, the Missouri Regional Seminar on Early American History (MRSEAH) provides scholars of pre-1900 American political history with an opportunity to exchange ideas and share works-in-progress with colleagues from around the Midwest in a serious but convivial setting.

Friday, November 17, 2017 • 5:30 PM
Cafe Napoli in Clayton, MO

Jay Sexton is the inaugural Kinder Institute Chair in Constitutional Democracy and Professor of History. A native of Salina, Kansas and graduate of KU, he returned to the Midwest to the University of Missouri in 2016 after spending the better part of two decades at Oxford University in England. Sexton started in Oxford as a grad student Marshall Scholar and worked his way up to being Director of the Rothermere American Institute and, upon his departure, being elected to the honorary title of Distinguished Fellow.

Brian Schoen is Associate Professor, Assistant Chair, and Director of the Masters in Social Science Program in the Department of History at Ohio University. His research and teaching focus on the political, social, economic, and intellectual history of the early United States from its early struggles through its near dissolution in the midst of the Civil War. His research examines how international developments shaped regional perception, politics, commitment or opposition to slavery, and relationships to and within the federal union.

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