Voegelin Institute: How Washington and Lincoln Prepared the End of Slavery in America

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, Gettysburg

Voegelin Institute: “Proclaiming Emancipation: How Washington and Lincoln Prepared the End of Slavery in America”


On March 23, 2021, the Voegelin Institute at Louisiana State University will be hosting a virtual discussion with William B. Allen on Lincoln, Washington, and emancipation.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 3:00 PM, CDT
A virtual lecture through Zoom

Free and open to the public.

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William B. Allen is Emeritus Dean at James Madison College (MSU) and Emeritus Professor of Political Philosophy at Michigan State University. He has served as chairman for the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, as a member for National Council on the Humanities, and as executive director on the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, among other offices. He is an expert on liberal arts education, its history, importance and problems. He is also Chairman and co-founder of Toward A Fair Michigan, whose mission was to further understanding of the equal opportunity issues involved in guaranteeing civil rights for all citizens, and to provide a civic forum for a fair and open exchange of views on the question of affirmative action. He has published extensively, most notably, George Washington: A Collection, George Washington: America’s First Progressive, The Personal and the Political: Three Fables by Montesquieu, Re-Thinking Uncle Tom: The Political Philosophy of H. B. Stowe, Habits of Mind: Fostering Access and Excellence in Higher Education (with Carol M. Allen), The Essential Antifederalist (with Gordon Lloyd, ) and The Federalist Papers: A Commentary.

Professor Allen is a JMC fellow.

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The Eric Voegelin Institute (EVI) honors the scholarship and memory of Erich Hermann Wilhelm Voegelin, considered one of the greatest teachers in the history of Louisiana State University, and a man widely recognized as one of the premier minds of the 20th century. Established in March 1987, EVI is a humanities and social sciences research institute devoted to the revitalization of teaching and understanding of the “great books” of Western civilization in comparison with other traditions. The institute’s principal activities involve seminars and conferences, research, publications, and teaching focused on the life and works of Voegelin and on the ideas and questions that animated his thought.

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