Kinder Institute: The Prescient Mind of James Madison

James Madison - John Vanderlyn

Kinder Institute: “The Prescient Mind of James Madison”


The Kinder Institute at the University of Missouri, a JMC partner program, will be hosting a virtual mini-symposium with Alan Gibson and JMC faculty partner Michael Zuckert revisiting the political thought and career of James Madison. Professor Zuckert will present on “Slavery at the Constitutional Convention,” while Professor Gibson will give a talk entitled “James Madison: Thinking Revolutionary,” specifically exploring how Madison researched and addressed political problems; the prescient insights into individual and group behavior and the strengths and weaknesses of political systems that he derived from his research; and how his political methodology contributed to his famous political innovations, especially his theory of an extended republic.

Friday, March 19, 2021
A virtual event through Zoom • 3:30 PM CDT

Free – parties interested in attending may contact Thomas Kane, to be added to a list of people who receive Zoom links for all Kinder Institute talks on the day of the events.

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Michael ZuckertMichael P. Zuckert is the Nancy R. Dreux Professor of Political Science, Emeritus. He has published extensively in both Political Theory and Constitutional Studies. His books include Natural Rights and the New Republicanism, the Natural Rights RepublicLaunching Liberalism, and (with Catherine Zuckert) The Truth About Leo Strauss and Leo Strauss and the Problem of Political Philosophy, in addition to many articles. He has also edited The Spirit of Religion & the Spirit of Liberty and (with Derek Webb) The Antifederal Writings of the Melancton Smith Circle. He is completing Natural rights and the New Constitutionalism, a study of American constitutionalism in a theoretical context. Professor Zuckert taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Political Philosophy and Theory, American Political Thought, American Constitutional Law, American Constitutional History, Constitutional Theory, and Philosophy of Law. His advising specialties were graduate programs in political science. He is a 2019 Visiting Professor in Arizona State University’s School of Civic & Economic Thought and Leadership. He co-authored and co-produced a public radio series, Mr. Adams and Mr. Jefferson: A Nine Part Drama for the Radio. He was also senior scholar for Liberty! (1997), a six-hour public television series on the American Revolution and served as senior advisor on the PBS series on Ben Franklin (2002) and Alexander Hamilton (2007).

Professor Zuckert is a JMC faculty partner.

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Alan Gibson is currently a Distinguished Visiting Research Fellow at the Kinder Institute. His focus is American political thought, especially that of the American founding. Gibson has held fellowships from the International Center for Jefferson Studies in Charlottesville, Virginia, the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions at Princeton University, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. He has published articles in, among other journals, American Political Thought, Polity, History of Political Thought, and The Review of Politics. Gibson is the author of two books on the historiography of the American founding, both published by University Press of Kansas. He is currently working on a study of the political thought of James Madison, tentatively titled James Madison and the Creation of an Impartial Republic. He earned his Ph.D. at the University of Notre Dame.

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