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Kinder Institute: “How to Hide an Empire”


The Kinder Institute at the University of Missouri, a JMC partner program, will host Daniel Immerwahr for a lecture on the United States’ role as an overseas empire. Professor Immerwahr has recently written a book on the subject, titled: How to Hide an Empire (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019).

When we speak of the United States, we are most often speaking of the contiguous United States, the part of it that is bounded by Canada, Mexico, and the oceans. Yet for most of its history, the United States has been an overseas empire, with holdings from the Caribbean to the Arctic Sea to the Pacific containing millions of colonial subjects. What happens to U.S. history when those places and people become part of the story?

Friday, April 26, 2019 • 3:30 PM
Jesse Hall, Room 410 • University of Missouri

Free and open to the public

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Daniel ImmerwahrDaniel Immerwahr is an Associate Professor of History at Northwestern University. He is a scholar of U.S. and global history, specializing in empire, development, and the history of ideas. Professor Immerwahr’s work has appeared in Diplomatic History, Modern Intellectual History, the Journal of the History of Ideas, the Journal of African Cultural Studies, Modern American History, Jacobin, n+1, and Dissent, among other venues. Besides How to Hide an Empire (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2019), he is the author of Thinking Small (Harvard, 2015), which offers a critical account of the United States’ pursuit of grassroots development at home and abroad in the middle of the twentieth century. In 2015, Professor Immerwahr received the Stuart L. Bernath Lecture Prize from the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, given every year to a younger scholar for “excellence in teaching and research in the field of foreign relations.”

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The Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy at the University of Missouri is an interdisciplinary, signature academic center on the Columbia campus, jointly operated by faculty from the Political Science and History Departments, in cooperation with other scholars across campus. It is dedicated to excellence in research, teaching, and community engagement on the subjects of American political thought, history, and institutions, with a particular emphasis on the ideas and events of the American Founding and their continued global impact and relevance today. It was created in 2015 by a generous gift from the Kinder Foundation, a family philanthropic foundation started by Rich and Nancy Kinder of Houston, Texas.

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