John Dickinson Forum: Is Aristotle a Friend of Liberty?

Rembrandt's painting of Aristotle with Bust of Homer

John Dickinson Forum: “Is Aristotle a Friend of Liberty?”


On February 6, 2020, the John Dickinson Forum at George Fox University, a JMC partner program, will host fellow Michael Pakaluk to speak on Aristotle and his views of liberty.

Thursday, February 6, 2020 • 7:00 PM
Hoover Building, Room 102 • George Fox University

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Michael PakalukMichael Pakaluk is an Ordinary Professor of Ethics and Social Philosophy at the Catholic University of America. His main philosophical influences include Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Reid, and John Henry Newman. Professor Pakaluk’s main work as a researcher has been in ancient philosophy, as he has authored many papers and three books concerned with Aristotelian ethics: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, books VIII and IX (Oxford); Aristotle’s Ethics: An Introduction (Cambridge); and (with Giles Pearson) Moral Psychology and Human Action in Aristotle (Oxford). His work is typified by the drawing of philosophical consequences from careful attention to philological considerations. His deeper concern is the recovery of a just appreciation of the classical outlook.

Professor Pakaluk is a JMC fellow.

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The mission of the John Dickinson Forum for the Study of America’s Founding Principles, a JMC partner program, is to promote thoughtful study, discussion, and debate about America’s founding principles. It hopes to encourage conversations about whether or how these principles are relevant today. The Forum supports a variety of activities including lectures, book/current event discussion groups, and debates. It also partners with other institutions to make programming available to students at other schools and to the general public throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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This event is supported by Jack Miller Center’s Pacific Northwest Initiative: Advancing Education in America’s Founding Principles and History. Thanks to the generous grant from MJ Murdock Charitable Trust, JMC is working with faculty to organize exciting campus events in the region. The Initiative also provides programs, conferences and other opportunities for professors in the PNW—all to help them make a difference in the education of their students.



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