JMC Releases 2015-16 Annual Report

Now More Than Ever: Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

With thanks for another successful year, we welcome you to read our most recent annual report. Highlights include:

JMC Civic Education Outreach Program

The JMC is now expanding its work to the high school level. JMC Civic Education Outreach helps to ensure that high school students nationwide receive a much-needed education in American history and its founding principles that informs their civic responsibilities.

Interview with JMC board member Michael Weiser

Michael Weiser discusses his passion for supporting civic education: “We cannot afford to lose the battle for civic literary. A cavalier attitude is not an option for us as Americans. We will not survive indifference.”

Results and Impact of the Commercial Republic Initiative

The three-year project created more than 57 new courses, 77 conferences, and 13 major publications by JMC fellows.

A growing national community of more than 800 professors on more than 300 campuses across the county

Please click here to read the JMC Annual Report.