JMC Annual Report, 2016-17

Teach. Inspire. Transform.

Advancing Education in America’s Founding Principles and History

The Jack Miller Center is pleased to offer this report on another successful year in its mission to advance education in American principles and history.  To see the annual report online, please click here.

This issue has a special forward from JMC President Rear Admiral Mike Ratliff, USN (ret.) on the occasion of his retirement at the end of this year, which also announces the JMC board’s decision to make Dr. Michael Andrews, currently Executive Officer and Vice President, JMC’s new President beginning in 2018.

Other highlights include:

  • Interview with Dr. Susan Gaunt Stearns, a 2016-17 JMC post-doctoral Fellow
  • Interview with faculty partner Vincent Phillip Muñoz from Notre Dame’s Program in Constitutional Studies
  • A list of partner programs on campuses around our nation that promote and sustain education of the American political tradition and its broader influences
  • Profile of Christopher Newport’s Center for American Studies, a JMC partner program
  • A breakdown of our four-part strategy and how each of our initiatives fits into it

Additionally, you can read about our Annual National Summit on Higher Education, summer institutes, regional seminars, research library fellowships, academic journal, and more—all offered to support the work of our faculty partners and help them educate many more students.